The GlenAlbyn

N 57° 28.616 W 004° 13.717

To get to your next clue, head down 'view place' towards Ness bank Church, past the 'Three graces' (you can stop if you like and see if you can spot the error here.) Then at the river, turn right and follow it downstream till the next bridge (Looks lovely at night all lit up), and cross over to the other side, pause a while when you are in the middle, careful crossing the road, and admire the lovely panorama of Inverness. Clue 2 is on the next corner.

Back in the days when Ness Toll Bridge was the only way of crossing the river, it closed at night. The Pub therefore acted as an Inn, for those who arrived too late to cross into the city. The toll to cross the bridge stayed in effect up until 1855 when the 'New' bridge openned offering alternative crossings.

The name of the pub originates from the Glen Albyn distillery which sat across the river until its closure in 1986.

When you're ready, have a read of the plaque outside .......what is the very last word on the RED plaque.?

(Remember, answers in upper case)