The old Market Inn

N 57° 28.732 W 004° 13.578

To get to your next destination turn right at the all night kebab shop and cut through to the Old Victorian Market, always worth a visit (closed after six though), once in the market you need to walk through to the back exit. Or you access the pub up an alley off Church Street.

The pub, divided into two bars... what is now the 'Whisky bar' used to be the 'back bar' and not open to the general public. only the market traders.
The Old Market Inn is a friendly, scruffy, and very chilled out place, renowned in town for its eclectic musical taste, live every night, and this is the bar where the Proclaimers hung out before they made it big. You never know what you are going to get. Folky and Scottishy during the week and mayhem at weekends. You will either absolutely love this place, or completely hate it. There is no middle ground. One day you'll get a 6 piece Death Metal band, next it could be some grey haired R&B growler, or a Cornish folk duo. At the weekends, don't be surprised to see 18 year old Goths drinking snakebites next to bearded kilties with Guinness who - but for the smoking ban - would doubtless be chuffing away on pipes.

Lets continue, have a look at the green step in the doorway, what is the first word (sounds like an english racecourse) ?